Herc Oven

The Herc Oven is a cooking appliance that uses thermal energy from tea light candles by releasing radiant energy back into your food. When using the Herc Oven outdoors, be aware of the weather conditions, as wind could put out the flame on the candles. Regardless of the weather conditions outside, by using the Herc Oven indoors, you can bake, cook and dehydrate without the use of electricity or gas. The Herc XXL oven requires the use of 20 tea light candles, which can provide approximately 4-5 hours of cooking time. The oven is made of heavy-duty stainless steel, and weighs roughly 29 lbs. The Herc XXL costs right around $400, not including the tea light candles. A smaller version, called the Herc-Eco, uses only 10 tea light candles and costs around $200.

Several bloggers who’ve used the Herc Oven give it rave reviews for quality and it’s ability to do a good job at cooking a variety of foods, from meats and veggies to breads and desserts. It’s dishwasher safe and easily disassembles so it stores flat. The cost and the need for candles seem to be the biggest drawbacks to the product, but the versatility and the variety of foods you can cook indoors in a no-power situation without fuel(other than candles), seems to be one of it’s greatest features. 

For product reviews and additional information on the Herc Oven, click here, herehere and here.

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