Wonderbag or Wonderbox

What is a Wonderbag? Well, basically, it’s a thermal cooker made of fabric and insulation, instead of a container made of metal and plastic. 

The idea behind the Wonderbag is the same as a thermal cooker– to slow cook foods without having to use a lot of fuel, or to keep foods hot or cold without using electicity. To cook food using a Wonderbag, place food in any sturdy pot with a tight-fitting lid and bring it to a boil for approximately 3-10 minutes, just like you would if you were using a regular thermal cooker. Then, place a tight-fitting lid on your pot and put the pot in the Wonderbag. Place the little pillow on top, tighten the drawstring on the Wonderbag, and voila– you’ll have a nice hot(or cold) meal in a matter of hours!

The pre-manufactured Wonderbag is available to purchase online, but there are several different patterns available if you’re interested in making your own. And if you don’t have the skill it would take to sew a wonder bag, you could make a wonder box.

What is a wonder box? Well, it’s basically two square-shaped bean bags that are used just like you would use a thermal cooker. Place one bean bag in a box, plastic tote or laundry basket. Place your pot (secured with a tight-fitting lid with hot or cold food inside) on top of the first bean bag. Then place the second bean bag on top of the pot. To make it more secure, place a blanket on top and tuck in the sides. And if you don’t want to sew or buy anything, you can just use blankets(wool is best)!

The great thing about the Wonderbag or wonder box, is that it’s inexpensive. The drawback of using a Wonderbag or wonder box is that they are large and not very secure. If someone accidentally bumps it or if you try to transport your Wonderbag, the lid on your pot might move and you could risk spilling the contents of your pot. A regular store-bought thermal cooker is great because it’s so compact and portable, but unlike a regular thermal cooker, the Wonderbag can double as a really nice pillow!

For a link to the official Wonderbag website, click here. For a link to a Wonderbag sewing pattern, click here. For a link to a wonder box sewing pattern, click here. For more information on what you can do with any kind of thermal cooker, click here for our post about thermal cookers.

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