Six Things to Prepare Your Family for the Future

In June 1977, the church posted this great article in the Ensign entitled, “A Little Bit of Planning, a Lot of Success.” It focuses on standards that the Church would like individuals and families to meet in Personal and Family Preparedness.

Bishop H. Burke Peterson said, “Personal and Family Preparedness isn’t just preparation for some kind of disaster; it’s preparation for life—the “foreseen, anticipated, almost expected needs which can be met through wise preparation.”

The article covers six areas we can focus on to become more self-reliant: 1) Literacy & Education; 2)  Career Development; 3) Financial & Resource Management; 4) Home Production & Storage; 5) Physical Health; 6) Social-Emotional & Spiritual Strength.

“Through this kind of ‘provident living,’ families in most cases really can live happier lives because economic, physical, and emotional problems are held to a minimum and the things that make life worth living are encouraged to a maximum.”

Click on the photo above to access the Ensign article, to learn more about the six areas of self-reliance.

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