Exact Obedience Brings Miracles

This food storage might seem like regular old food storage, but it’s not. This food storage is part of a miracle.

When I started learning more about becoming temporally prepared and about what our prophets have said regarding the need for a year’s supply and having other life-sustaining items on hand, I realized that I had some work to do if I really wanted to be obedient to their counsel. At the time, my food storage supply had dwindled to about 6 months and I was in need of more coats for my children in bigger sizes. I figured out exactly what I didn’t have and realized it would be more expensive than my budget could handle. I was worried because I knew I had failed to follow the counsel of the prophets with exactness. I felt that if anything happened, my family would suffer because of my disobedience.

That day, I fervently prayed for forgiveness and repented of my sins. I asked Heavenly Father for help to make up for what I lacked. I asked Him to provide a way for me to follow His commandments with exactness. I asked for a miracle.

That day, I went to work. I looked for items around the house that I no longer needed or things that I could do without. I sold them and saved the money I earned in a jar to help me buy more food storage. A few days later, I was visiting with a friend. We started talking about food storage and I mentioned that I was working to build up my supply. She mentioned that she had bought a bunch of food storage, but that she wanted to get rid of some of it because she wanted to purchase different food storage items that her family was more likely to eat. She was going to give it away, and offered it all to me. Tears ran down my cheeks as I realized what was happening. Heavenly Father was giving me a miracle. I lovingly took all 33 of those #10 cans home and found a special place for them with my food storage.

The next day, I found an ad on KSL classifieds for a great deal on wheat. I still needed a few hundred pounds, so I made arrangements to pick up it up. The lady selling the wheat had purchased it a few months earlier, but her husband wanted her to sell it so she could buy more oats. The nearly-new, half-priced wheat was already pre-packaged into buckets, and was the exact amount I needed to equal my year supply. Heavenly Father provided another miracle.

After I picked up the wheat, I stopped to visit my mother-in-law, who was sorting through totes from her garage. She opened a giant tote full of coats and asked if I wanted any of them because she was going to get rid of them. I just smiled and said, “Sure.” That day I went home with a car full of wheat and winter coats.

Sometimes the Lord requires us to do hard things. It may take some serious effort to be obedient to the His commandments, but when we work to obey with EXACTNESS, He will provide MIRACLES. It’s true! As President Russell M. Nelson said, “Obedience brings success; exact obedience brings miracles.” If we ask in faith and get to work on becoming exactly obedient, the Lord will provide.

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